Justice and Peace



According to it says our Rule of Life, €œwe considered as constituent part of our mission of evangelisation:

  •       the integral liberation of the man;
  •       the action by justice and La Paz;
  •       and the participation in the development.

As the P. Libermann already wrote in the regulation for their missionaries in 1849, €œyou will be the weak lawyers, support and defenders of and the small ones against those who press them€.

To commit itself in favor of Justice and of La Paz is to internalise the collective misery and its causes.

To put the problems of Justice and La Paz in the heart of our espiritana life is to create a way to be and to see, that it will take necessarily to a new way to live and to act.

lavapiesAs it says the Rule of Vida Espiritana: €œTo contribute of effective way to the promotion of justice and of La Paz, we will strive to analyze the situations, to discover the relation between the individual cases and the structural causes€.

The espiritanos we must give capacity in our life, with discernment, to the interpellations that on Justicia and La Paz arise in other contexts.

Our animation missionary must be impregnated of this spirit and to make present the causes that cause the injustices of the pressed towns more.

In order to live our vocation in this perspective, we needed a solid spirituality that does to us able to face conflict situations, to be kind to the situations of Justice and Peace, to enter us in the peripheries and to even risk our lives.

In a globalized world, Justice, La Paz and the Integrity of the Creation, continue being one of the majors preoccupations of our time and that gives to our initial charisma its authentic development.  Today, as in the homes of our Congregation, the defense of the poor men and the weak ones, in the situation in which they are, it is our raison d'etre.

Our commitment with Justice and Peace is more than an analysis of situation, denunciation, manifestations and groups of pressure.

Numerous espiritanos anywhere in the world live in the poor and violent peripheries on many cities; in situations military, in the middle of patients of AIDS, immigrants and refugees.

To decide by the life, La Paz and justice is lhelp down in the attention, here in Spain, to African immigrants and the drogodependientes.

Because also Spain is territory of mission and also in our streets are people who no longer have nothing, not even hope.