Young people

To make the way

Caro Joven, friend and companion. Here we are, we went, because we want to give continuity to our espiritana history, that counts already with more than 300 years and desire to forwards continue taking steps depends on you, for that reason we invited to you to that you make way with us.

Our history, the one of each, are understood from the diverse ways that we are doing. The same happened with the history of our €œpredecessors€. From the religious point of view and overturning our glance to Biblical history, we provided ourselves with figures that its life has taken shape in making the way (to peregrinate), for something greater, either for separate property of husband and wife as for or the collective, is of this example: Abraham, who walks from his native earth to Cana¡n, El­as makes the way by the desert, to be with God, Israel (town), pilgrim from the oppression to the freedom, the same Jesus, his whole life is transformed in a constant to go towards the people, towards us.

Caro Joven, on you depends the diverse ways, so that the world can walk in search of justice, right, freedom, peace€¦ but for it, it is necessary to make the way from the commitment with the world and discovering the diverse vocations that the same world provides to you and as model we have Jesus Christ who is €œthe way, the truth and the life€ (Jn. 14,6).

Our commitment

Before a world of commitments (many of them of shared in common-philanthropic character = NGOs), we invited to you to that I never close this dimension. Everything in this world can be directed of diverse ways, but one of the best ways is that one than it becomes from a defined commitment, although often we do not know it very clearly, of there the word commitment (action to commit itself), that means a risk, a experience and perhaps an adventure.

commitmentTo what we will have ourselves to jeopardize? In a world that offers to us one you multiply of options, publicized with images and sounds, arises, also, a voice that calls to us to jeopardize to us with the same life and the world; and as young east commitment becomes reality, from the faith, when turning over our life to the Teacher of the Love (Jesus Christ). This one Teacher who in his €œgreat catechesis€ left many messages, among them we will remember very well of that one in which it says to us: €œYou are the Earth salt, you are the light of world€ (TM. 5,13-14).

Young Dilecto the only commitment to that we invited to you, is present in these phrases of Jesus. We invited to you to jeopardize you in the task of being witness of this message, you you are this salt that gives flavor to the world, you you are this light that dissipates the darknesses of the world.

Our Vocation

It is custom, in the present time, to listen: I do not have vocation for that or for that one, they are right or nonthose that say it, most important, here, is not search the true sense of the word, but to express simply that vocation is to take care of the call positively that to us a Being does, in our case, to the call of God. Vocation that is to say: €œyou approached door, you pronounced my name. I answer: Here I am Sir€

This wide-awake, by all means interrogative as that Pope Benedicto XVI presented, in its speech, to the young people in the encounter of Colony (Germany): Where encounter the criteria for my life (my vocation); where the criteria to collaborate of way responsible in the construction for the present and of the future for our world (as monk or missionary)? Of whom I can fiarme; to whom to trust to me? Where he is that one that can give me the satisfactory answer to the yearnings of the heart (vocation)?

It seems impossible to respond to these questions, the answer we will find it in our opening to which it calls to us. Then, our vocation only has sense and expressivity when we understand to which it calls, and to understand, nothing better than to let to him to us guide by its voice, by its call, €œas a pen, at the mercy of the wind€; to say with conviction I am arranged here to undergo the adventure to which you call to me.