€œIn 1703, in the celebration Pentecostal, Claudio Francisco Poullart DES You please, then simple aspiring to the ecclesiastical state, began the establishment of the community and Seminary, consecrated to the Spirit Santo, under the invocation of the conceived Virgin Sant­sima without sin€. It is the 1734 text that bruptly picks up the home of our Congregation.

Ceramics Espiritanos Missionaries
Ceramics of MisionerosEspiritanos

The group 12 aspirings to the priesthood of humble social condition formed it and without economic means, grouped around the young person Claudius, lawyer of 24 years son of the nobility, and plenty of apostolic spirit who put his pension and all savings so that all of them could study and to be priests dedicated to the rural areas and poor men of France. Claudius was ordered of priest four years later, in 1707, and passed away to the 30 years in 1709, already having 72 seminarians in the Seminary of the Spirit Santo that would be the first €œespiritanos€.

In 1732 the first espiritanos missionaries leave towards other countries: Canada, North America, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Thailand.

In 1792 the French revolution also suppresses all the Ordenes religious and our Congregation. The espiritanos disperse, some are in France to the service of the dioceses and others march to the foreigner.

In 1805 Napole³n it restores the Congregation again.

On 1841 Francisco Libermann it founds the Society of the Coraz³n de Mar­a Asylum for the evangelisation of the black of the Meeting and the released slaves of Haiti. Libermann was Jewish turned to the Christianity, son of the rabbi of Saverne (Alsace). To the 24 years it received the baptism and immediately it wishes to be priest, but due to the epilepsy crises that suffered, it had to wait for until the 39 years when it was ordered.

In 1848 the Society of the Coraz³n de Mar­a Asylum is suppressed by Rome, and integrated in the Congregation of the Spirit Santo. The P. Libermann will be from that moment the eleventh General Superior, but only during three years, because day 2 dies of February of 1852.

espiritano old logo
espiritano logo

The official name is since then €œCongregation of the Spirit Santo and Immaculate Coraz³n de Mar­a€ 

Its abbreviations in Latin: (C.S.Sp.)

The motto of the Congregation is: €œCor unum ET animates one€. €œA single heart and a single soul€ (Hch. 4,32).

We have two missionaries of the congregation who have been beatified by Pope Juan Pablo II: the P. Santiago Laval, apostle of Isla Mauricio, and the P. Daniel Brottier, missionary in Senegal and father of the orphaned children of Auteuil.