Peregrination to Medjugorje

Peregrination of the espiritana family

The espiritana family has gone in peregrination to MEDJUGORJE in BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA, encuenro of the VIRGIN SANTISIMA MARIA REINA OF La Paz.

As in any peregrination that you undertake, you do not know what there you are going away to find; what yes you know, is what as much you as each one of that we formed the group, we took in our interior and the opening to let to us surprise with that one reality.

It is possible to be shelp that it is not a Sanctuary as that we know always, is a small agricultural town which it is being transformed into a city, in that live the six viewers that continues announcing the messages that receive from the MOTHER REINA OF La Paz.

The Parish of the town is the center of all the celebrations, and surprises the great participation of its inhabitants, as the great number of pilgrims worldwide that arrive every day.

Religiousness, (visits to the places of the appearances, the multitudinal celebrations of the Eucharist, the Reconciliation, the prayer of Rosario, everything within a great respect, sacrifice and much peace.)

If the fruits are those that we have seen and stated and if now we took advantage of them to fortify our commitment of faith and on watch to which they surround us in the Church to which we belong, I dare to say that it is worth the pain to peregrinate to MEDJUGORJE.

Author post: juanlazaro