P. Altevir, Brazilian espiritano, new bishop of Camet¡

P. Altevir, Brazilian espiritano new bishop of Camet¡.          (Photo of Broken F.).

The P. Jos© Altevir gives Whistles, present Provincial superior of the Congregation of the Spirit Santo in Brazil has been named by Pope Francisco bishop of the diocese of Camet¡. Jos© Altevir was born in Amazon 55 years ago. To the 18 years he joined the congregation of the Spirit Santo, and realised his studies of philosophy in Manaus and Belo Horizonte. In 1986 he made the espiritano novitiate in Ceilandia. He attended the studies of theology in San Pablo. In 1989 he made the perpetual profession in the congregation of the Spirit Santo. Soon he marched to Nigeria where he passed two years of demurrage doing his experience missionary. Lu­s Herbst was ordered priest in 1992 in Cruzeiro do Sul by the espiritano bishop, then titular and now emeritus bishop of this diocese of the Acre.

The P. Altevir is licensed in Psychology by the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. He was parochial vicar in Minas Gerais and Roraima. It worked with the farmers and it very accompanied close by the massacre of Columbiaria in Roraima being a datum point for the victims of that one massacre. Soon he was training of the students of the congregation in San Pablo. In Conferencia de Religiosos of Brazil he was adviser of the misionolog­a area.

From 2007 to 2012 he was Adviser of the Episcopal Commission of Pastoral for the Action Missionary and the Intereclesial Cooperation of Conferencia of the Bishops of Brazil. In 2012 it was chosen Provincial of the Espiritana Province of Brazil and reelected in 2015 for the same mission until the 2 of February of 2018, in that it would have to finish his mandate. At the same time in this period he has been the coordinator of the Union of Circumscriptions of Latin America (UCAL), formed by the Provinces and Espiritanos Groups of South America.

With the new bishop of Camet¡, they are already the seven espiritanos bishops who at the moment live and work in Brazil.

Author post: juanlazaro