Claudio Poullart DES You please

Claudio Poullart DES You please

It is born in the French city of Rennes, region of Britain, the 26 of February of 1679. His father was one of the richest retailers of the city and lawyer very appreciated in the Breton parliament, whereas her mother belonged to a poorer family.

It attends his at school first studies of the Jesuits of Rennes and from 1693 to 1694 it realises a complete course of rhetoric in Fall and the 25 of August of 1698 defend shiningly its thesis of philosophy in Rennes.

In the month of October of that same year it starts off for the city of Nantes, where the right race will begin.

Claudio Poullart
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Back from Rennes, in summer of 1700 and just licensed, decides to make a spiritual retirement during which envelope would reflect which defined as €œthe truths of the religion and the election of a life state€.

Having considered mainly the good that he could do very to the souls and being admired at school Luis el Grande of Paris, center directed by the Jesuits in which it resided as pensioner, decides on the ecclesiastical state and receives the tonsura the 15 of August of 1702.

Claudius showed restlessness by the situation of the €œyoung paupers€, so frequent at this time in Paris and, little by little, he begins to help them in some of his material needs.

In a moment account occurs that are many young people who realise ecclesiastical studies that also need help and position becomes of some of them without thinking at the moment about founding a congregation.

It is convinced that to these young people a spiritual formation needed average to them and of life. For that reason, he is decided to rent a house in Paris, which will live with a dozen of students. On this house he will found, 27 of May of the 1703, celebration Pentecostal one, the Seminary of the Spirit Santo, when only he is 24 years old, and not yet was priest. In 1705, when remaining the small house, this seminary moves to greater other.

But he is at the end of the year 1704, in the course of a spiritual retirement, when Claudius writes his €œReflections on the past€, in which sets out the doubts that he must on itself to direct the community of the seminary, at the same time as he prepared myself to receive the sacerdotal arrangement that will receive the 17 of December of 1707.

He is to emphasize as characteristic of this seminary that, to be admitted, was necessary that the person who asked to enter was poor and the pension could not pay elsewhere.

Unfortunately Claudius would not remain long time next to his disciples. At the end of the month of September of 1709 he begins to suffer a great disease with very strong pains. The seminary of the Spirit Santo changes again of house and, a day after to have installed in this last one, the 2 of October of 1709, Claudio Francisco Poullart DES You please passes away, to the 30 years, surrounded by all disciples.

Their funerals took to end of a very simple form, in agreement with the spirit of poverty that it had always shown, as much with their words as with their acts. Their mortal rest were deposited in the church of San Esteban (Paris), in a mass grave.

Twenty-three years after its death, the 1 of January of 1732, the Seminary of the Spirit Santo, will move to the house in which it will have his definitive location already, street Posts, that at the moment are Lhomond street, that thus becomes the House Mother of the Congregation of the Spirit Santo.

A good number of priests trained in the seminary of the Spirit Santo starts off to exert their territories ministry of mission. Shortly after the revolution, the French government, orders to the Seminary of the Spirit Santo the task of forming and to send priests to the colonies and, little by little, the work of the ecclesiastical students founded by Claudius becomes a congregation missionary.

Oration for the beatification of the P. Claudio Poullart DES You please:

God, Father of infinite kindness, we praised by to have given to your Church the Congregation to you of the Spirit Santo, by means of Claudio Poullart DES You please. That the testimony of a life santa who has left us, especially their love by the poor men, is light for our lives and takes to us to live our mission with boldness on the love propagated in our hearts by the Spirit Santo. Sir, we requested his beatification, and the particular grace to you that today by its intercession, we begged. By Jesus Christ our Gentleman. Amen