Daniel Brottier

Daniel Brottier

Daniel Brottier is born the 7 from September of 1876 in a small called town Fert© of Saint Cyr, near Orleans, in France. Her family educates to him in the Christian faith and when younger she already indicates his desire of being priest. Between its likings they emphasized the song, to touch the organ and, mainly, the photography.

In October of 1892, it begins the ecclesiastical studies in the seminary of Blois, his diocese of origena. The 22 of October of 1899 are ordered priest and his first pastoral task will be the one of professor in a school. During this time, Daniel reflects on his future and the idea of a possible game towards some country of mission.

P. Daniel Brottier
P. Daniel Brottier

Certain past time decides to in touch enter with the congregation of the Spirit Santo and, the 26 of September of 1902, begin its novitiate in the house of Orly, near Paris. His father did not accept this of very good desire and gets to write to the teacher of beginners to notice to him that the health of its son would never support the climate in a mission country. But, in spite of this, Daniel makes his religious profession the 30 of September of 1903.

The 27 of November of the same year arrive destined at Senegal, where it will work as parochial vicar in San Luis.

Its greater preoccupation has been always the one to give a Christian education to youth, and in this field it will develop an intense work during his stay in the African continent.

An accident due to the fall of a horse and a strong insolation makes him return to temporary France of form, but it will return to Senegal in January of 1907, where it retakes his old activities and, simultaneously, makes new things, as the creation of a fanfare, a species of band; also it shows his interest by the botany. Unfortunately it undergoes a new insolation that makes him return to France the 29 of June of 1911, this time completely.

The period military from 1914 to 1918, opens a new stage in the life of Father Brottier: the one of military chaplain.

The 26 of August of 1914, begin its work in the infantry division. It is gotten to say that she was a person of great heart, in which the ardor was made perfectly compatible of the soldier and the delivery of the priest.

It is important to emphasize in Father Daniel who, even during the war, the memory of Africa inhabited always its mind and its spirit.

Father Brottier, will finish to his days realising something that, since we have already shelp filled always his life: the education of the young people.

During several years position became of the €œWork of the orphaned children of Auteuil€, picking up and giving to the opportunity of a worthy life to hundreds and hundreds of uprooted children of Paris and the poor quarters.

Thanks to the work of Father Daniel Brottier and the espiritanos that have happened to him and that have wanted to follow ahead with this work, the €œWork of Auteuil€ has become today a reference of charity and humanity that extends throughout all the French geography.

Father Daniel Brottier, was declared devout by Pope John Paul II, the 25 of November of 1984.