P. Belmiro, new espiritano bishop in Angola.

The P. Belmiro Cuica, present provincial superior of the espiritanos of Angola has been named by Pope Francisco new bishop of Cabinda in Angola. Belmiro was born in 1969 in Bi©, in the central region of Angola. Son of protestant parents, studied with the espiritanos, and to the 21 years] made the religious profession as [€¦

Peregrination to Medjugorje

The espiritana family has gone in peregrination to MEDJUGORJE in BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA, encuenro of the VIRGIN SANTISIMA MARIA REINA OF La Paz. As in any peregrination that you undertake, you do not know what there you are going away to find; what yes you know, is what as much you as each one of that we formed the group, [€¦]

P. Altevir, Brazilian espiritano, new bishop of Camet¡

The P. Jos© Altevir gives Whistles, present Provincial superior of the Congregation of the Spirit Santo in Brazil has been named by Pope Francisco bishop of the diocese of Camet¡. Jos© Altevir was born in Amazon 55 years ago. To the 18 years he joined the congregation of the Spirit Santo, and realised his studies of philosophy [€¦]