Peregrination to Medjugorje

The espiritana family has gone in peregrination to MEDJUGORJE in BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA, encuenro of the VIRGIN SANTISIMA MARIA REINA OF La Paz. As in any peregrination that you undertake, you do not know what there you are going away to find; what yes you know, is what as much you as each one of that we formed the group, [€¦]

Lay associated in Galicia

Commitment of lay associated

We have celebrated our commitment as lay espiritanos associates Antonio Allen- Perkins Cepa and Mª Jesºs Fern¡ndez Conde. The past 25 of October, in the parochial church of Santa Cristina, in Baiona (Pontevedra) in the Eucharist of 12:30, presided over by P. Victor and accompanied by Accept it, Remedies and P. Heliodoro. Read dwells about Commitment of lay associate€¦