Mang'ola: new parochial church.

After 3 year and a half of intensive works, the past 25 of October we celebrated solemnly Inauguration-Blessing of the New Parochial Church, that it already is in daily use. It was an important day for us and all the community; a holiday, that will remember in the collective memory as a landmark in the integral development of all the valley. It is a precious, unique monument in his sort in many kilometers to the round one, of which the Christians feel very proud.

Church of Mang'ola
Mang'ola, (Tanzania). New parochial church.

Our pride is to have realised a dream constructing an artistic and emblematic building in this means, without many average mechanics, and intermediate companies. The advising and hard disinterested work of our friendly architects of study TRESMASUNO of Madrid; the economic contribution of the local community and many friendly; the work of bricklayers and local carpenters, trained by us, with the collaboration of voluntary manpower of the Christians, men and women, made possible the appearance of this monument and its set of garden and offices in the middle of the city-planning chaos in which we lived. Thank god and to all what of a way or another one you collaborated in the persecution and the accomplishment of this dreamed dream long time. Some friendly and relatives of Spain accompanied us in that glorious day. Thanks of all heart. We have refuelled to follow the trip the stranger, trusting in the Word of Jesºs de Nazaret to continue throwing networks without rest, and with the real support of all you.

We want to continue throwing networks, in spite of the difficulties, doubts and downhearts that sometimes appear in the horizon. Not every day they end radiating dusks of colors (as it is the case in these days of drought, every day we have some put of sun incredible). On the verge of finishing 24 years in Mang'ola, we asked ourselves What we have done? We have not made Populism (easy solutions for complex problems), in the style of present currents (including the one of the new President, that are deriving towards a dictatorship). We have tried to walk with people and to solve real problems of Education, Health and defense of a better life for all with equal opportunity. The work is enormous and is much to do. The Government says us that we have made many things that had corresponded to them to them. But he follows the political corruption, the superstitions, the dependency of the alcohol, a bad health, a bad education, nonplanning€¦, and an absurd nationalism. People are respected and she is wanted except some to others.

Looking back at the year 2016 that wants to leave to us:

- The Secondary School followed its course giving good results Regional and National level. It is a pride. And a good contribution of the Anna Gamazo Foundation. This year the newness was the installation of education by Internet, thanks to the bottoms of CELEBRATION MANG'OLA. A data base, a North American system of education has settled, with incalculable educative material, to which 50 computers simultaneously have access by WIFI and up to 100 meters of distance. Professors and students are enchanted.

- The Hospital follows well, but with bumps. In past July the nuns in charge of their direction went, simply because the Mother Superiora decided to transfer them to another place. We continue looking for others in substitution, because without them it is very difficult to take it. In November the equipment came from Cordovan Ophtalmologists who returned to make miracles in the eyes of many patients, who of no other form would have access to that gratuitous service. And an expensive and modern Ec³grafo for a better service to the pregnant women has been bought new, donated by the Foundation IS HOPE, of ours remembered friend, loving of the Mang'ola Celebration, Lola, who in his testament remembered Mang'ola. That God compensates it there where is.

- The Seam Factory bore its fruits. 12 girls graduated after 3 years of study and practice. They have in the air his future. Or they follow each by his account, or form a seam cooperative. They and the nuns prefer the cooperative, but its accomplishment has many difficulties. Another challenge for 2017.

- YOUNG BY MANG'OLA, of Seville, they made a Celebration to collect bottoms to buy books for the 4 Secondary ones of the Government whom there is in Mang'ola. In it we are. The schools are of vacation. In January they will return the students and they would be with books to study. Of young people to young people. An example.

- Many you ask us for the Hadza. They follow equal, worse, and the Government without reacting. She is one causes lost.


Miguel ngel, Pepe and Richi.

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