The P. Saben§a, our General Advisor died

A year ago by these same dates the P. Jos© Manuel Saben§a realised the visit to the Provinceof Spain, as general advisor in charge of the subjects of our Province in Rome. It visited all our communities and it could speak with all the associated espiritanos members and the lay ones. It left a hope message us and spirit, of faith and confidence in the Gentleman, knowing that although few and more and more majors, we continued having here a mission important to realise, to the service of the Church. He was full of life, and it transmitted to all peace and joy.

P. Jos© Manuel Saben§a

Some months later we received the news that was patient of cancer in his earth in Portugal. They have been several months of fight and treatments but in the end the disease has been able with him. Yesterday, day 14 was call by the Gentleman to the house of the Father. That the good Father of the sky compensates to him by a simple life, of delivery and on watch to the poor men and the Church.

Jos© Manuel was born the 10 from October of 1960 near Lamego in Portugal. She was ordered priest in 1987 and sent as missionary to Africa of the South, in the days of the apartheid. He lived and he worked in Durban in the districts of the black, he learned the Zulu language, and he realised a great work missionary. After several years in South Africa he was called to Portugal as training of the theological espiritanos. In 2003 he was chosen Provincial of Portugal, and he was in the position during three mandates followed, until the 2012. That year participated in the General Chapter that was celebrated in Bagamoyo (Tanzania) as moderating, and by its good one for doing and competition, was chosen General Advisor, was the representative of the Province of Spain and other countries of Spanish and Portuguese language in the General Council in Rome. It rests peacefully.



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