Espiritana community

Espiritana community

€œThe multitude of the believers had a single heart and a single soul. Nobody considered its goods as own, but all they had it common€. (Hch. 4,32)

€œWe are called, in Christ to live our espiritana vocation in community. For of the life apostolic improvement that are its aim, for the stability and the extension of the works that are their object and for the sanctification of their members, the Congregation took as fundamental rule the life common€. (R.V.E. 27)

From the start of Obra of the Blacks, the P. Libermann of life saw the necessity in community for the apostolic life; it is there that our apostolic work receives cohesion, force and effectiveness. It is necessary also for the spiritual good of the same missionaries, for its sanctification.

Espiritanos Province of Spain
Esipiritanos of Spain in 2014


The P. Libermann, in the rule of 1849 life, left well clearly: €œall the members will live in community€. In the last years of its life its emphasis was almost one obsession on the importance of the community for the apostolic life. For Libermann, the religious and communitarian life was the support, the only guarantee for the effectiveness of the work missionary.

The community is the place where each one of the missionaries can renew, every day, the encounter with the Gentleman, to live the conversion, to make of each the disciple on the Gentleman, being brother of the other. The community is the privileged place to live espiritana spirituality. This supposes as it bases to share real of my goods, than I am and than I do; the participation in the common services and a transparency that does of each place of peace, reconciliation and fraternal love to live available to the common project.

In the General Chapter of 1998, specific which has to be, in the today world, the testimony of common life for the espiritanos: €œConflicts, racial and cultured discrimination to the individualism, are the notes characteristic of the today world. The Espiritanos living common, we who we come from places and cultures different, tenth to the men and women who the unit of the human race is not an impossible dream. It is in this sense, that our life common is integral part of our mission and a powerful testimony for the announcement of the Gospel€