P. Bernard, priest and doctor

The bishop of Maroua requested to our province of Cameroun a doctor, to elevate a little the level of our centers of health. All the parish has been mobilized to welcome it with the open arms. And I with them. That to only be is not nothing good with the times that they run this way.

The Saturday that comes I will take the route from Yamena, the capital of Chad. Two days of trip in bus. The bishops of Cameroun send me to prepare the meeting of all the bishops of the frica Central, who will take place in 2017, with the subject: €œecumenicalism and islamocristiano dialogue€. There I must present the Islamic currents in Cameroun and its characteristics, Wish luck me.

P. Bernard, priest and doctor
P, Bernard and Juan A. in Cameroun

Today, Sunday day 9, we have welcomed with joy new espiritano companion in the parish. She is priest and doctor. And it is going to work in the centers of health of the diocese and in the parish. The Christians have turned upside down in their welcome. Although the happiest era I. That to be only in the times that run this way was not good. It comes from the parish of Emilio, the south of Cameroun.

P. Juan Antonio Ayanz.

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