Two espiritanos cardinals

Francisco Pope has announced this morning after the prayer of the Angelus in Rome the appointment of 17 new cardinals for the Church of eleven countries different and of the five continents. Of both new African cardinals both they are espiritanos.

Monsignor the Dieudonn© Nzapalaiga, youngest of all, of 49 years, Archbishop of capital Bangui of the Central African Republic, and Monsignor Maurice Piaf, Archbishop of Luis Port, capital of Isla Mauricio, the island of our devout P. Laval.

Mons Nzapalainga, espiritano cardinal

Mons Nzapalainga, new espiritano cardinal


In 1989 Pope Juan Pablo II visited Isla Mauricio and went to say to the tomb of the P. Laval, first the devout one who he lifted to the altars ten years before. In 1991 he appointed to the P. Maurice Piaf bishop coadjutor of Luis Port, and in 1993 Archbishop of Isla Mauricio.

Monsignor Piaf has been President of the Episcopal Conference of the islands of the Indian Ocean from 1996 to 2002.

This morning after its appointment has declared the journalists who have gone to interview to him. €œAt the same time as my cardenalato, I want to put this church of Mauritius under the protection of the P. Laval. And I want to end up saying that this appointment is not €œonly for me, but for all you€.

As far as Monsignor Dieudonn© Nzapalainga, we remember all the work carried out to obtain La Paz in his country that was in a civil situation military, and that was able to take there to Pope Francisco in November of the last year, where the Pope opened to the door santa of the Year of the Mercy, and obtained La Paz for the country.

I return to copy here the article of our Web on the occasion of its appointment as Archbishop of Bangui by Pope Benedicto.


Monday 14 of May of 2012, Pope Benedicto XVI has appointed our companion, the P. Dieudonn© Nzapalainga, Archbishop of Bangui (RCA), diocese of which was apostolic administrator from the 26 of May of the 2009.

The P. Dieudonn© was born the 14 from March of 1967 in Bangassou (RCA). When the finishing their secondary studies, began the formation to be espiritano priest in the Foundation of frica Central: postulate in Ot©le (Cameroun), cycle of philosophy in Libreville (Gabon), novitiate in Mbalmayo (Cameroun) and cycle of theology in Paris (France). It made the perpetual profession the 6 of September of 1997, was ordered deacon the next day and priest the 9 of August of 1998 in Bangassou.

The P. Dieudonn© Nzapalainga began their life missionary in Marseilles (France) as chaplain of the house San Francisco de Sales of the Orphaned Apprentices of Auteuil. It also collaborated closely with the parish of San Jer³nimo de Marsella. It remained eight year and a half in the same work and the same adjacent community to the house San Francisco de Sales: first as deacon during a year and soon as priest.

In March of 2006, the Regional Assembly of the espiritanos of RCA chooses to father Dieudonn© regional superior of the Province of frica Central. for the Region of RCA. The 26 of May of 2009 were named diocesan administrator of Bangui, after the resignation of bishop Paulin Pomodimo. Since then it has not stopped animating the diocese in spite of the difficulties of all type who has undergone the church in RCA, having tried to alleviate the tensions and to adjust finances.

The challenges that face the Diocese of Bangui and their new archbishop are many and difficult.

We assured to our brother our fraternal oration to him and we wished a fruitful ministry him.


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