Espiritana family

Espiritana family.

The espiritana family is trained by adult young people and. She has unmarried, married, priests, widows, men and women who collaborate with the espiritanos missionaries. They participate in the mission of evangelisation, they promote initiatives to palliate the problem of the poverty, and work by Justicia and La Paz in the world.

Espiritana family of Cordoba
Espiritana family of Cordoba

Through periodic meetings, encounter, formative chats, eucharistic celebrations, peregrinations, etc. we are trying to take brings back to consciousness of the concrete commitments to which the Gentleman calls us to work in his mission.

The General Chapter of the 2004, celebrated in Portugal, says that there are diverse ways of property to the espiritana family. Thus, according to the degree of spiritual proximity and commitment missionary, we can distinguish:

  • the friendly of the Espiritanos that, of several forms, collaborate with the mission.
  • the lay ones that feels attracted by the spirituality of our Founders and our missions, and participate in groups of oration and reflection, and in the animation missionary.
  • the lay ones associated that wants a deeper commitment with the Congregation and that, after a time and some courses of specific formation, make a contract of association in writing.

The mission needs something of your time, your goods, your own life. You that you cannot go to a mission country, can be missionary from here, in your atmosphere and in the middle of yours. The espiritana family is the channel for it. Ponte in touch with us.