Encounter in Yamena

We have already finished the factory of preparation of the encounter of all the bishops of frica Central who will meet in Yaounde in 2017 July. The subject of the encounter was on the ecumenicalism and the islamocristiano dialogue. it was called on to me to exhibit on the Islamic currents in Cameroun and its characteristics. He has been interesting. Our espiritano companion the archbishop of Bangui, Mons Dieudonn© Nzapalainga, that finishes being named cardinal by Pope Francisco, was present and gave an impressive testimony. Tomorrow I will take the bus of return for Maroua, 600 Klm. of highway and a river to cross, but it was worth the pain. I send some photos to you of the encounter.

Mons Nzapalainga
Mons Nzapalainga, archbishop of Bangui.
African ecumenicalism
Ecumenicalism and islamocristiano dialogue

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