Lay associated

Lay associated.


Lay associated in Galicia
Commitment of lay associated in Galicia

Participating in the mission of Christ we proclaimed the salvation and liberation of everything what presses the man. We dedicated ourselves with preference to which not yet has listened to the Good News, to the most pressed and underprivileged, and there where nobody wants to go.

In our mission never we can forget the work by the integral liberation the human person. This entails a determined action by justice and La Paz, as well as the participation in the development. Our lay identity takes to us to be present in the world to change it from within.



It is by that we strived in analyzing the situations of oppression and injustice to make more realist and cash ours act:

  • In Missions we worked by the integral development of the most underprivileged population, with special attention to the young people and the women and the dialogue with other cultures and religions.
  • In Cordoba, Madrid, Aranda de Duero and Galicia we take care of immigrants and people in risk of social exclusion.
  • And we always lived the mission in our work and our time on leisure, with our families and friendly, according to our own way of being and the charisma of our Founders.
  • We try to be evangelist with the testimony of our lives.

Members of a same family missionary all, profesos and lay associated we shared projects, works and illusions. They see and you will see.