Commitment of lay associated

We have celebrated our commitment as lay espiritanos associates Antonio Allen- Perkins Cepa and Mª Jesºs Fern¡ndez Conde. The past 25 of October, in the parochial church of Santa Cristina, in Baiona (Pontevedra) in the Eucharist of 12:30, presided over by P. Victor and accompanied by Accept it, Remedies and P. Heliodoro.

Indeed, in the month of October month missionary by excellence we have asked to celebrate our commitment missionary these two lay people, in the Congregation of the Spirit Santo and Immaculate Coraz³n de Mar­a.

Lay associated in Galicia
Commitment of lay associated in Galicia

From we want here to give thanks to this parish by its welcome, as well as to the friendly that attended to accompany themselves in this happy day: secretary and delegate of Missions of Ourense, members of the group missionary of this diocese, V­ctor Manuel de Vigo and other members of the Espiritana Family.

In this jubilant day we have ourselves it jeopardize to take the rule of espiritana life ahead. €œThe first evangelisation and the evangelisation of the poor men are our aim€.

In this climate of communion connected with the church, lay, religious and the priests we have in our hands the possibility of constructing one renewed experience of evangelical brotherhood, in a always respectful complementariness in the diversity.

We have not stopped begging to Immaculate Coraz³n de Mar­a, shrine of the Spirit Santo, who under its protection we never surrender in the performance of these tasks, that in these exciting times become essential in our Church.

Mª Jesus and Antonio.

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