Provincial chapter in Cameroun

It does now six years just was created the Espiritana Province of Cameroun, with which it was the first founding chapter. Of Sunday 28 of August to Saturday 3 of September the provincial chapter of Cameroun has met to evaluate the march of these years again, in the different aspects: the mission, formation, vocational animation, projects and finances. An important section is the new election of the provincial one for Cameroun, since the salient P. Henry Fouda has both exhausted consecutive mandates that can exert the position.

A representative from the General House, the P has come. Alain Mayama, also Patrick Mbea Superior has come the P. from the Central African Republic and the Hna. Marie Louise Dime, espiritana.

The election of provincial was fast, because or in the first voting the assembly poured off itself with more than two thirds of the votes by the P. Albert Ndongo, who or comprised of the previous Provincial Council. Also names for the new Provincial Council have vowed, but those votes are at the disposal of new the provincial one so that it chooses those that he creates advisable. All this will force to make some changes, the new Council will have search place for the provincial projection, also will be necessary to cover the place with the entrant.ayanzalbert

What subjects have provoked more debate? There are several: the relations of the Congregation with the different dioceses where one works and the status from the missionaries who work there. Especially delicate it has been the subject of the debt and how doing to him in front. One is an inherited debt of the old and extinct CAP (Province of the frica Central, who grouped Cameroun, Gabon, the Congo Brazzaville and Central African Republic) and that when being created these provinces, each must absorb its proportional part. Also one has struggled abundantly on the formation of the young people who want to be espiritanos. The problem is mainly in which the formation structures are common to the different provinces that formed the CAP and it already knows that to take the things by halves it provokes problems easily.

Here we have attended two Spaniards, the P. Juan Antonio Ayanz, who with all the experience that is accumulated in the north of the country with the Muslims, has spoken to us of the Mission as dialogue with the Islam. I have shared my experience of priest associated to the Congregation working in Cameroun.

To indicate that during this chapter the news arrived from the conflicts in Gabon as a result of the publication of the results of the elections, results that they gave as winner to the outgoing president, son of the late president. Something that the opposition answers, is spoken of at least two dead and thousand lengthy people. The international community requests calm and that publishes with clarity the results of the elections. Gabon is a neighboring country and or known here, the studies of philosophy of the young people who form for being espiritanos are made there and is a handful of Cameroun espiritanos that work or have worked there.

Emilio Almajano.

Author post: adm_espiri