Aranda: new espiritana parish

The past Sunday, day 18 of September, was celebrated in the parish of San Jos©, the district of the Polygon, in Aranda de Duero, the ceremony of taking of possession as parish priest of this parish of the P. V­ctor Cabezas, present Provincial superior of Spain of the Espiritanos Missionaries, together with the P. Michael Nsibiet as parochial vicar, espiritano Nigerian, and that will be from now on the people in charge of the parochial pastoral, not only of San Jos© but also of the neighboring parish of San Pedro Regalado, who or the past year Mr. Arzobispo de Burgos trusted us to our congregation.


In addition along with the P. Thom¡s Ngo Songo, Cameroun espiritano, and the P. Benedicto S¡nchez, whom the parishes of Fuentec©n, Fuentemolinos take from the past year, Haza, Adrada de Haza and Campillo de Aranda, and the chaplaincy of the Hospital of the Saints Reyes de Aranda, will ahead have an intense pastoral work and missionary. To all the espiritano equipment of the community of Castrillo we support our and spirit to him in this work missionary in two parishes of a working quarter and in five small towns of Castile.

Author post: adm_espiri