€œAngolaas the Father sent to me, also I send to you, this, blew to envelope they and she told them: You receive the Spirit Santo€
(Jn. 20, 21-22)

€œ€¦.you will be my witnesses€¦ until the Earth borders€
(Hch. 1,8)


The Espiritanos we are a family specifically missionary. All members we are called to being missionaries €œad people€.

The evangelisation of the €œpoor men€ is our aim. For this reason, we go especially to the towns, groups and people who did not even listen to the evangelical message or as soon as they have listened to it, to those whose needs are majors and the pressed ones.

We also accept other tasks for which the Church hardly finds workers.

Today the Congregation of the Spirit Santo continues being present in different zones from the world.

We announce the Gospel in more than 60 countries of the five continents.

The Spanish Espiritanos Missionaries we worked, in addition to in our own country, in Angola, Cameroun, Tanzania, and Paraguay.


AmazonIn territories of mission: we announce the gospel, Good the New one of Jesus, between the human towns and groups that still do not meet Christ nor his liberating message. That one is the spirit who guides us in our work as missionaries. A work that begin to promote justice, La Paz, the human rights, and the integral development of the man, particularly between the operated and exhausted towns more.

In our countries of origin: we give testimony of the Mission in the Local Church, worked in trusting parishes to the Congregation, comprised of SCAM (Joint Service of Animation Missionary), we collaborated in the Diocesan Church, we worked with Justice and Peace, Immigrants, Groups Missionaries, Vocational Animation and formation of Young people for the Mission.

We live this mission in fraternal communities and orantes, sign of our faith and confidence in God and of the love that we announced, under the protection of the Spirit Santo and the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Maria.


Ponte in touch with us, calls to us or visits one of our communities.