Espiritanos in Molenbeek

From day 13 of November of 2015 Molenbeek one became one of the districts more known the world. It was from which they left those that made the terrible attack of Paris.

When I listened to the news, the name of the district sounded relative to me and I realized that was a district where the Espiritanos in Belgium work. In a meeting of our Congregation that we had in May, we could listen to the P. Aur©lien Saniko, Cameroun espiritano to share the anguishes and hopes of the missionaries who work in that place.
€œIt is the district it last more of Brussels; it is the place of where the suicide terrorists leave€, shelp he to us, months before which it would happen soon in Paris.

Of the side of the anguishes, the P. Aur©lien shelp: €œThe relations with the young people are not easy; many of them do not go to the school and are selling drugs on the street, just in front of our door; often, in addition to selling drugs, they disturb to us: recently, they put wax in the lock and I could not enter at home, I had to spend money in a locksmith; once, they destroyed a room underneath the church, that alkyl to diverse groups; another one put fire, but, luckily, I was able to call quickly to the firemen€.

Espiritanos in Molenbeek
Espiritana parish in Brussels

But there are also joys to share and the P. Aur©lien did not stop doing it: €œIn my work I go of door in door, presenting to me how the parish priest; the church is the most imposing building in the district; when I appear, the Muslims receive to me well; in order to maintain good relations, I invite to magnets every year for a meeting within the church, without concrete subject, where we spoke of everything; as well, they also invite to us to go to the mosque with some people more of the community; these meetings allow us to know us.€

The work of the Christians in that district can be known and be shared (in French) in the site that deserves well our visit.

Miguel Ribeiro

Author post: adm_espiri