Espiritanos missionaries

  • Provincial of Europe
    Meeting of the Provincial espiritanos of Europe

The news

  • P. Belmiro, new espiritano bishop in Angola.
    The P. Belmiro Cuica, present provincial superior of the espiritanos of Angola has been named by Pope Francisco new bishop of Cabinda in, and for spread God word we build this website with the help of best web hosting company at our city[€¦]
  • Peregrination to Medjugorje
    The espiritana family has gone in peregrination to MEDJUGORJE in BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA, encuenro of the VIRGIN SANTISIMA MARIA REINA OF La Paz. As in [€¦]
  • P. Altevir, Brazilian espiritano, new bishop of Camet¡
    The P. Jos© Altevir gives Whistles, present Provincial superior of the Congregation of the Spirit Santo in Brazil has been named by Pope Francisco bishop [€¦]
  • Mons Nzapalainga, espiritano cardinalInterview to cardinal Nzapalainga
    Dieudonn© cardinal Nzapalainga: €œto be cardinal, for me it is a social promotion, neither a title of authority, nor a merit. ] Is an invitation to [€¦

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